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Tarot Card Readings

What to expect from a tarot card reading from Gail.

As a certified Tarot Reader, with the American Tarot Certification Board, Gail works with Tarot in several ways, whether you want a private consultation for yourself or you are looking to "host a gathering" of friends or family to have private readings, Gail offers the following;

Using Intuitive Guidance, by channeling both the client & Gail's psychic energy, the cards allow an interpretation of what is for the highest and best at that time for the client.

Starting the reading, using the Tarot Waite deck, Fairy Elemental Cards and then the Twelve Houses of the Astrology Spread:

The twelve houses of the astrology takes a detailed view of certain areas of your life that coincide with your natal chart and yearly chart. The card reading focuses on each house interpreting issues going on in your life at the time of the reading. Brief overview of the houses, or some examples of what are in some of the houses:

Verticle Pink Bar 1st: Self, personality, etc. Verticle Pink Bar 7th: Marriage, partnership, justice etc.
2nd: Values, earnings from work etc8th: Taxes, Joint resources, sex, etc.
3rd: Sister, Brother, short trips, etc.9th: Religion, philosophy, long trips, law, etc.
4th: Home life, Mother, past, etc.10th: Father, authority, status, etc.
5th: Love, children, etc.11th: Hopes, wishes, friends, stepchildren, etc.
6th: Health, work habitats, etc.12th: Karma, Limitations, secrets, etc.