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Great Pyramid

Pyramid Healings and Readings

The Pyramid is an ancient Sacred Geometry structure that is a proven energy conductor. The reason for this is the even distribution of energy that cascades down the structure, creating a perfect transmitter for channeling energy.

The Pyramid is an energetic power that generates a force field which amplifies whatever organism lies within it. The word Pyramid takes its origins from the Greek meaning, "fire in the center of". They are also natural gateway portals.

Pyramids are a working technology utilizing a science we have not yet rediscovered on a mainstream level. Russian scientists have many Pyramids all over Russia. They have successful results in the areas of medicine, ecology, agriculture, and physics to name a few.

I have studied and worked with pyramids for years. Now at the insistence of my beautiful spirit guides I am prepared to bring this technical mystery to my practice. I love the healing created and the ability to channel messages from spirit and departed loved ones to giving guidance and the message of love. With both the channeling of my energy, the Pyramid, and the person being read there are great results!!

I am honored and very excited to offer this wonderful modality to uplift, provide healing and closure on many issues in our journey on this plane of existence called life.

Please visit the individual pages for more details. Feel free to email Gail with any questions you may have.