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Mediumship is bridging the gap between both the Spirit world and our Earth Plane as the medium links with the energy of the sitter to connect with Spirit on the otherside of life. This is the first of the three methods that Gail offers and is usually the more Common or familiar of the Three styles.

Pyramid healings and readings as you sit and relax in the Pyramid. We will channel our energies to bring both healing / messages from your guides, departed love ones, to benefit your highest and best.
 Photometry Mediumship is the gift of linking with your loved one in spirit as the medium uses a photograph that you provide during your sitting.
Gail offers private sittings and works in the "Gallery" style format. Gallery style is when a group of people sit together and Gail will come to each of you for a communication from Spirit. ( your loved one ).
Psychometry is when the medium uses a material object and links to the person in Spirit to whom the item belongs. This can be done with items such as jewelry or watches. Otherwise, thing of beauty, as we traveled and traversed the portal, gateways of Creativity

Gail works in these methods to bring you validation from the person in Spirit. Often they want to relay to you messages of guidance, love and messages about something that only you would know. Often Spirit ( your loved one ) comes in to communicate unfinished business. These communications are sacred and as such deserve that respect during a "sitting".

Gail understands this sacred and sometimes emotional communication and honors both the Spirit willing to communicate and the sitter.

At times your Guides will also step forward with information for your Spiritual growth.

Please email for more information or questions you may have on these types of Sittings.